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An art project by Manne Tallmarken

A short history...

It started out as a simple simulation of particles interacting with each other. I was curious what it could look like if I invented an interaction force that the particles would follow. By drawing a line from the previous point to the next point I was able to get a feeling for the flow. What considerably changed the game was when I realized I didn't need to erase the old picture before I drew the new one - instead I faded and blurred the old one and drew the new lines on top of it. This together with an innovative way of transforming the velocity to a color quickly made stunning pictures. As the project grew, I quickly realized that I needed more control, more particles, GPU acceleration, ability to reconstruct simulations, better generation of colors and the list never ended. It was so fun developing this - I just couldn't stop coding.

To sum up: This is a particle simulation with...

* Up to 10 000 000 particles
* Five different cooperating forces
* Transformation matrices that controls the impact of each force
* Color determined by the velocity and the state of a transformation matrix
* Ability to reconstruct any simulation for change of resolution, color scheme, etc.
* Everything configurable from an Arturia Minilab MIDI synthesizer
* Code accelerated on the graphics processor for high performance simulations
* All code written in C and OpenCL C
* Support for pictures up to 16384x16384 pixels

I would love to hear from you...

Whether it is just for a cup of coffee or if you find my art interesting and would like a private conversation. High resolution pictures are available for print and in digital format (contact me for pricing). If you would like to customize the pictures I can tailor the simulation after your specific needs. I can also produce a series of unique pictures following a certain algorithm, e.g. for unique business cards, etc.

Manne Tallmarken
Åbergssons väg 7
170 77 Solna

+46 73 642 47 52

Gallery coming soon!
Until then check out Flickr and DeviantArt
Spacecrunch @ DeviantArt
Spacecrunch @ Flickr